"Jess is a lovely, friendly, professional young woman who has taken some amazing landscape and portrait photos. Please try her, I'm sure you won't be disappointed." - Lisa Amey || Nurse
"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jess, she’s so good at what she does and is highly professional when doing so. I’m very happy with the finished result and look forward to doing more photo shoots with her, 100% would recommend." - Michaela Woods || Musician
" I attended one of Jess's photography workshops last August and it was brilliant! I didn't even know what type of camera I had and had never used it on any setting apart from automatic and in daylight! Went home using ISO and adjusting my aperture, thanks so much Jess for the way you put it across in a way that even I could understand." - Tim Wilson || Police Officer
"11th of January 2015 I assisted Jess McPhee on a photo shoot with Lu T. This shoot took place in Littlehampton. Jess was very clear about what photographs she wanted, gave me on the details so i had a great idea of what to expect from the day. I enjoyed watching Jess work and helping her create some amazing art pieces. Jess was open to suggestions & has fabulous work ethic! I look forward to seeing what she produces in the future. Cheers for the memorable day."  - Heather || Voxical Photography
"Well what can I say about Jess? She is an absolute joy to work with. Really focused, knows exactly what she wants to achieve and one of the friendliest photographers I have worked with. We were shooting some jewellery for Heart of the Falklands and she had some really cool ideas but was also willing to listen to mine and value them - something I really appreciated and it made the whole shoot feel like a true collaboration. Lots of respect for this girl and I would recommend that you work with her" - Lu T || Model